G-Cash Capital Ltd The Future of Trading Is Here.

G-Cash Capital Ltd The Future of Trading Is Here.

Monthly package

G-Cash Dash Billed Monthly
£ 45
  • Full Dashboard Access
  • All assets available on your terminal
  • Free webinars included
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Annual package

G-Cash Dash Billed Annually Save £ 90
£ 450
  • Full Dashboard Access
  • All assets available on your terminal
  • Free webinars included
2 mths free

G-Cash Dash App

Mobile And Web App Billed Monthly
£ 45
  • Works On Any Device
  • Multiple Entry Confluences
  • Updates In Real Time
  • Identifies The Cycle Of The Market
Coming Soon

Trade Manager

Trading manager Billed Monthly
£ 75
One Time
  • Auto calculates % risk per trade
  • Manual lot size input
  • Displays profit to loss ratio

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Why the G-Ca$h Da$h is the No. 1 Trend ID software for all markets

The G-Cash Da$h can pick up on and visualize new market cycles, which you can easily follow to keep trading from peak high to peak low or vice versa.  It also shows you on an intra-day level when a pair has exceeded its average daily range and giving you the chance to exit or organize a reversal trade.
The G-Cash Da$h gives you real-time updates on your position in the market and updates in real time. Whether you’re a swing trader or an intra-day trader, we’ve got you covered- the tool shows you which pairs are entering new cycles, and its graphics help clearly pick up on the highs and lows of the day to trade away from.
Our G-Cash Da$h’s BTMM dashboard brings all the important data into one place, so you can filter through and find the best pairs to trade instantly and the ones with the highest probabilities.
G-Ca$h Da$h’s data incorporates a beat the market maker (BTMM) order block system this helps you to avoid many dirty tricks and manipulations that dealers can throw at you, and massively increases your chances of profiting from the markets!

Overwhelmed by the power of the G-Ca$h Da$h? Don’t worry! We offer free training videos with our subscriptions to help you get to grips with using it.

Compatible with Windows and Mac Oss via parallels or VPS connection. Runs on Mt4 platform.

Mobile/Web App Coming Soon Works On Any Internet Enabled Device

How You Can Also Benefit From The G-Ca$h Dash App

Our Software Identifies Trend direction And The True Condition Of The Market


If you’re a swing trader or intra-day trader, the G-Ca$h Da$h is a perfect tool for you. You can pick your pair and trade away from the Peak more easily, and easily follow the master pattern with our BTMM forex indicators.
The dash gives you all the key information
you need in one easy-to-read dashboard, with information sourced from experts that allows you to think and trade like a pro! You can currently get it for £45 a month, or £450 for an annual subscription that gives you 2 months free!


Take A Look At Our Screenshots From The G-Ca$h Da$h

Screenshots from the G-Ca$h IC Breaker Order Block Indicator

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Screenshots From Our Webinars

Trading Tools

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Our Software for Identifying Market Cycles

The G- Ca$h Da$h- a tool built by professional traders with 35 years of trading experience and long-term BTMM experience, available to you for a low monthly commitment (£45 a month) or an annual subscription (currently offering 2 months free). The dashboard allows you to scan the entire market history in real time, and operates on a BTMM order block method to advise you on favourable and unfavourable trends. Take a look at this short video if you want to get a better idea of the benefits of trading in forex markets using our dashboard.

The G-Ca$h IC Breaker Indicator– the perfect tool to compliment any inner circle trading strategy, this indicator uses source order blocks and breaker blocks. Just identify the last breaker block and trade in that direction until we find a breaker in the opposite direction. The interface is fully customizable with multiple alerts, too. Order yours now for just £34!

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If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

You guys truly have a real gift for looking at the market and seeing it for it really is and helping others also see the same information in one easy to read platform.

testimonal gcash
Darren Barber
Leicester U.K
I’ve been a fan of you guys for some time and this tool and the accompanying videos have really helped me understand how to get the best out of the dashboard and profit from my trading. Since using the dashboard my trading has improved greatly
testimonal gcash
Jacqueline Allen
Gig Harbor U.S.A
Thanks to Garry and Chris., my trading is going allot better now and I am able now to not spend so much time stuck in front of the charts. I am able to do my analysis fast now and trade with confidence
testimonal gcash
Stephen O Brien

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"Welcome to the candy shop dont trade until the dealer hits the stops!"

Steve Mauro

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