what we have been up to this week

This Week at G-Ca$h:

Site Updates

At the moment, our main focuses have been on getting things running more smoothly, and in a more structured manner. Some of the progress we have made recently includes:

  • Setting up a Google Drive with all of our Webinars and learning materials, split into sections and put in order
  • Rewritten the website’s content to be a little more readable and easy to understand
  • Changed the site’s colour scheme
  • Implemented SEO optimization into our website
  • Added About Us page

Customer support plans in development

We’re currently working on a support system, which you guys can use to register a support ticket to get help with a project. Just give us all the information we’ll require to fix things, and we’ll help you as soon as we are available. (This will be for members only.)

We are also looking at starting a new group for the paid subscribers of the dashboard, which they can join to keep receiving all the exclusive content subscribers get from us.

The existing group will remain for the IC Breaker, and new customers will have access to relevant videos and documentation.

Chris and I are also preparing a course behind the scenes, which will have a written syllabus we will be following and a special affordable course thrown in for good measure. The course should teach you the basics of the beat the market maker (BTMM) method, how the order block indicator works, and the order block trading strategies.

We’re recruiting! 

We’re currently looking for Affiliate marketers who can sell our products and earn a cut of each sale. If you’re interested, please message us to register.

Product Updates

Changes to the G-Ca$h Trade manager this week:

  • Trading panel which calculates risk and manages your trades for you
  • Partial closes enabled
  • Stop loss to break even
  • Symbol changer
  • You can now manage all open trades from one panel
  • Trailing stop
  • Virtual stop loss and take profit
  • Screen capture function

Modifications to the G-Ca$h IC Breaker this week:

  • Re-touch projection lines added- can give you a visual point for when the price is pulling back to the current breaker for a retest

Modifications to the G-Ca$h Da$h this week: 

  • 5/13 Exponential Moving Average cross- gives you an entry and exit signal