about g-cash

about us

G-Ca$h Capital Ltd provides trading education and access to our on house developed innovative trade identification software. Based out of Nottingham, UK, run by traders with a combined 35 years of experience, 10 of which have been spent on the beat the market maker (BTMM) method. Having seen people looking for a BTMM forex indicator, we’ve used our experience with trading and ICT to help support investors in the uncertain world of foreign exchange trading with two main tools- the G-Ca$h Da$h system that features a BTMM dashboard and tracks hidden cycles, and the G-Ca$h IC Breaker Indicator that uses order blocks we have developed with our ICT experience to track market structure and sentiment.

As we build our products based on Cani (continuous and never-ending improvement principle- these tools (particularly the IC Breaker) are constantly updated.

We’re dedicated to offering great customer service and delivering quality products and education our interfaces are simple for clients to follow and our clients get great results.
Access to our software tools is via our introduction to the trading course. Or via invite-only.
Upon completion of our course or being accepted into our inner circle via invite. Numbers are limited.

If you want easy-to-follow, expert advice on trading, sign up with G-Ca$h today!

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